Black is beautiful. Black is Back. Black Jack. Ach, wer könnte nicht stundenlang über diese skandalöse Schwarz philosophieren? Schwarze Magnetbuchstaben - eine gewisse Tiefe sieht man schon aus der Ferne, aber unter uns, wenn ihr euch nahe kommt, dann gibt’s...
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10 Sprüche zum Geburtstag
Oh Karle, don't mess around sadly - here's a saying for your birthday - it's fun, getting older is part of it and between us, 24 is really not that bad age. Let it be said to you. Today is...
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10 Sprüche für Hundefreunde
Admittedly, there is a lot of whining nowadays, but in the rarest cases about sayings for dog lovers. What is there to complain about? One answer to this question surprised us: lack of humor! I'm sorry, what? If you call...
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