Modern magnetic letters

For messages with style

For typography lovers and word acrobats, for children and adults who have remained young, for decoration nerds and color foxes. For the office or at home, as a special gift or just for you. Spread your opinion - just what color?

We gave the dusty magnetic letters from our childhood an upgrade - so that your messages also look good. The letter sets are available in selected colors - to match your individual taste or furnishing style.

For messages that stick

Perfect for the refrigerator, magnetic walls or decorative boards . Each letter set consists of 200 foam rubber magnetic letters, numbers and special characters - for messages that stick.

The foam rubber letters , numbers and special characters work on a variety of magnetic surfaces, such as steel magnetic boards , steel writing boards, magnetic refrigerators or other devices, filing cabinets, galvanized sheet steel and stainless steel surfaces, but also on walls painted with magnetic paint, they adhere very well!

Designed in Stuttgart

Does the B feel good? Does your message last longer than usual? and do you mostly generate likes with style? You don't leave anything else to chance, why mess around with the most beautiful sideline in the world? Of course you can also have fun with other letters, but would it be so nice mint? Or yellow? Where can you get that? Question after question.

The 911 and the legendary soul with Kümmel were invented in Stuttgart - and also the most modern magnetic alphabet in the world. Have fun with it.

Made in China

After the magnet has been glued on and dried, the letters are punched out of the soft foam rubber sheets. As a result, they are not entirely insensitive to sharp fingernails and imperfections such as minimal dents or deformations. However, these quirks can be worked out in no time with your finger or a little passionate warmth and reshaped on a magnetic surface.

Every single letter and every number is exactly 3 cm high, the widths are of course variable. The foam rubber sheets with a strong rubber leaf magnet are approx. 5mm thick, so that young and old have no trouble picking up something cleverly. After use, you can stow everything back in the stylish, r obust and, above all, resealable bag.

Magnetbuchstaben auf Magnettafel Pink
Gelbe Magnetbuchstaben auf Lila

Skandal Schwarz trifft auf Raketen Rot und mischt sich mit Gaga Gelb zu sicherlich weltmeisterlichen Rekordgefühlen.

Ein bischen Bremer Blau, etwas Raketen Rot und dazu das unschuldige Wolken Weiss. Eine Mischung die im Vierterlfinale gefährlich wird.

Das Trio aus Genie Grün, Wolken Weiss und Raketen Rot beschehrte bei der letzten WM einige Glücksmomente. Und dieses Mal?