10 sayings for dog lovers

10 Sprüche für Hundefreunde

Admittedly, there is a lot of whining nowadays, but in the rarest cases about sayings for dog lovers. What is there to complain about? One answer to this question surprised us: lack of humor! I'm sorry, what? If you call a dog your friend, you can't understand that - four-legged friends in particular are really amusing in an entertaining way.

So why sayings for dog lovers?

Call it a statement, call it passion, call it gaudy obstinacy. Everyone has a thousand reasons for a suitable saying for dog lovers. We like compassion and therefore pursue the strategy of “we can feel you” - have you heard of it? Is a movement from the USA that is slowly gaining acceptance with us. Rightly so, as we think.

Here are the 10 sayings for dog lovers

    1. Others go to the therapist - I go for a walk.

    2. Home is where my dog ​​is!

    3. Dogs don't lie around lazily - they beautify the room.

    4. Please put your child on a leash, my dog ​​is scared.

    5. My dog ​​doesn't beg, he just looks very intensely.

    6. I'm glad my dog ​​can't speak - he knows too much.

    7. The best therapist has fur and four paws.

    8. My dog ​​is not spoiled - I'm just well trained.

    9. What do people without a dog do? Who are they discussing everything with?

    10. LOVE. LIVE. WAU!

By the way, with our magnetic letters in your favorite color you can make every saying even smoother!

Do you also have a suitable saying for dog lovers on your pocket, then just write us and we will include it in the sayings for dog friends list !!

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