Foam rubber is a wonderful material and we really tried a lot. It's so beautifully soft, light as a feather, cuddly, malleable, not resentful and simply sexy anyway! Similar to a vacation flirt in the mild summer heat of Saint Tropez. We dreamed of this irresistible Carma for the magnetic letters and did not expect to find anyone. But voilà, fate means well with a memorial.

There is foam rubber in every favorite color: blue, pink, anthracite, yellow, woodruff, olive, neon, kaki, aperol and mouse gray. Only transparent is not really in it - but who wants transparent letters ?

By definition, foam rubber is an open-cell, expanded rubber made from natural and synthetic rubber. It is sponge-porous on the inside, but always has a dense outer skin; it is therefore an integral foam. Foam rubber sheets are characterized by their good resistance to light and hot air (130 ° C, briefly up to 150 ° C), which means that you will surely enjoy your magnetic letters for a long time!

By the way, during transport, the edges of the Magic magnetic surface can be pressed into the foam rubber and dents appear. But that's not a problem. Let the letters warm up a little and you can smooth out the edges again, we call it "ironing out". And if there is any dirt on the letters, you can always clean the foam rubber with a little soap and a sponge. Zack, the magnetic letters are like new again!

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