For us, the punching knives are by far the most magical tools! The knives make a decisive contribution to the successful birth of every magnetic letter . Without this high-precision, carefully ground and, above all, unique punching knife, there would not be a single magnetic letter set. Clamped in a cylindrical high-pressure press, real TYPE OH magnetic letters are made from simple foam rubber sheets in a single work step! Stoically and with hissing and knocking, the Stantz knife transforms one plate after the other into irresistible letter mats. Irresistible because nothing is more satisfying than shaking the letters off the mats afterwards.

Sharp. Sharper. Magnetic letters!

Hundreds of new letters are born within seconds. Letters from which words are written, sentences formed and messages spread. Every time we see these punching knives we proudly remember how we cut out the first letters on our kitchen table with an old carpet knife. There was a good bottle of Portuguese wine that evening, but we don't forget the bubbles and cuts in our fingers. Incidentally, the result of the evening was anything but convincing. ; )

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