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Phew, that was unexpected and now a saying about the wedding should be on the card. Man, you think no one has thought about it yet. But you're wrong, there is actually a list of sayings about the wedding, believe it or not.

The day should be something very special, they say - but your congratulation card should definitely be something special. Appreciation begins on a small scale and can work wonders in more decisive places. So make an effort.

Another saying about the wedding

Do you think !? But no, this list is far from what you expected. If you've been invited to the festival of festivals, then you can be a little proud, imagine something and like to open a barrel - one way or another, however, as a gesture of solidarity you should come up with a suitable saying for the wedding - something that makes you feel with it Bridal couple magically connects.

Here are the 10 wedding sayings

  1. Love is like a bath: let in, keep warm and bathe in it until you are wrinkled.

  2. The secret of any happy marriage lies in four words: you're right, honey.

  3. A kiss is the best way to shut up together.

  4. A marriage is a duel that begins with wrestling.

  5. You do the strangest things out of love, some even get married.

  6. You shouldn't marry someone who hasn't been tested in a traffic jam beforehand.

  7. The man is himself - unless he has a wife.

  8. Marriage is the attempt as a couple to cope with problems that one would never have had alone.

  9. The most beautiful path is the common one.

  10. A good marriage is like hairspray: a good hold without sticking.

By the way: with magnetic letters you can write wonderful sayings about the wedding on magnetic boards . Just mentioned in the margin ..

Do you also have a suitable saying for the wedding in stock, then write to us very easily and we will include it in the sayings for the wedding list !!

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