If you order a set of magnetic letters from us, then all 200 letters, numbers and special characters are put in a wonderfully robust and resealable bag.

Zack and Zu

After we have pressed all the parts out of the sheet and put them in the bag, we check it for completeness (sometimes a letter can be found) and then send it to the next table, where it is closed with a modern sealing machine is pressed under the supply of heat. All magnetic letters are airtight and securely packed and survive every transport to you completely undamaged.

The first magnetic date

The first time you can tear open the bag and make sure that it is untouched. Nobody, except of course us when cutting out and packing, held the magnetic letters in their hand in front of you. That's why the foam rubber is still fresh and one or the other letter still has its hallmarks in the gaps. In any case, a magnetically attractive moment!

How did you feel the first time?

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