So between us, let's be honest - not everyone immediately thinks of magnetic letters as the best gift idea ever, right?

Is another invitation pending for her birthday and you have no idea what to give Ulla this year? She already has everything. Colorful socks, a voucher for a bit of "wellness" or a funny bubble bath from the pedestrian zone ?? ... Come on - it could be better !!

Warning, danger of falling in love!

We are now doing a little self-promotion for our colorful magnetic letters , but that has to be the case. As soon as they are unpacked, you can't hold back with funny sayings. This promotes creativity, looks good and can be redesigned in no time. You can finally use it to express your feelings or, if necessary, let go of frustration.

For messages that stick

The magnetic letters adhere to metallic surfaces, for example on refrigerators or on magnetic boards, so there is enormous scope for smart messages! And finally the best: The magnetic letters are available in 9 selected colors, so there should be something for Ulla too ..

Voilá, there we have the salad and you have an inspiring present!

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