Magnetic letters from Aldi?

Magnetbuchstaben vom Aldi?

Oh come on, really now? Are you on the hunt for the next bargain? Then let me tell you that not only one shop has super 🤩 good prices .. No, No .. there are also completely different ones. Looked to the left or right .. But of course, sometimes between us, magnetic letters from Aldi are certainly one of the cheapest. You should hold on to that - before someone else grabs the thing.

We don't even get into the circus. We just do our thing. Let them buy their magnetic letters from Aldi. We prefer to get smart, really good, colorful, wild, gaudy and with style. Sure, they cost a little more, but the smile 👄 your loved one should be worth it to you, right?

Aldi has magnetic letters?

Didn't you know? Yes, we can confirm. He doesn't always have them on offer, but even a supermarket like this sometimes comes up with the idea of ​​bringing pedagogically valuable things to the sale. We are certainly not the only ones with this brilliant idea. Chapeau!

We still have many numbers and special characters in the set of our magnetic letters - Aldi probably doesn't have that. With them you can learn the time or solve math problems and puzzles. A question mark at the end of a sentence can also work wonders and turn it into a question.

Buy Aldi’s magnetic letters

Well - you can buy whatever you want. In a film like this someone bought tons of toilet paper because it was on sale. You can do it. Well, we want you to only buy our magnetic letters if you like them as much as we do. Don't buy them because Aldi doesn't have any. Not even just because your neighbor snatched the last one from you.

We make magnetic letters out of passion. We love good sayings and smart slogans and we want to make your home more beautiful, letter by letter. That's why we founded TYPE OH - but we also briefly considered calling ourselves Aldi - no, fun!

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