Wouldn't it be nice if you could quickly convey stylish news to your guests in a simple way? The cappuccino with oat milk, the chocolate tart of the day, an additional artist on stage, new opening times or just a warm welcome ... there are so many opportunities to share something nice with your fellow human beings. Our magnetic letters are ideal for this ..

The magnetic board at the entrance

Put a magnetic board in the entrance of your café and point out the new signature drink, tell about your lunch menu or invite you to coffee and cake. A brisk saying at the entrance breaks the ice and makes people smile. Also important things like a mask requirement or ice cream on the offer look good in a prominent place.

The magnetic board at the counter

Whiskey sour, Apperol Spritz and Gin Tonic for € 6.90. The Fritz Cola for € 2.95 or the bottle of water for € 3.50 - your drinks menu will look great if it is written in colorful or simple monochrome magnetic letters laughing at the guests on a magnetic wall. You can easily adjust the prices at any time without changing the overall picture. Clever!

The magnetic board at the coffee bar

Especially at a modern coffee bar, handwritten offer lists are anything but good. With the magnetic letters in the color of your facility or your logo, you can create sustainable added value. And on top of that with style!

Just try the magnetic letters , you will be amazed - and your guests too!

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