Magnetic letters for the refrigerator

Magnetbuchstaben für den Kühlschrank

Admit it, your secret favorite place in your apartment is also the refrigerator. If you can't sleep at night, it helps us to refresh us a little, you look for the jam from Aunt Gerda - Bingo, right in the upper compartment at the very back and you forgot to put the beer in the freezer with it! No other place is as versatile and wonderful as the refrigerator with magnetic letters !

I beg your pardon? Magnetic letters on the fridge?

Yes exactly! That is the least amount of respect we can show a good thing. But believe us, not only the fridge will like the colorful letters and numbers, your roommate or children could also enjoy the magnets a lot. Promise.

You can leave funny messages with magnetic letters on the fridge. An important shopping list or a long overdue message of love! A stupid saying that will make you laugh or a motivating one that will get you through the day! Cheeky, funny or dead serious, you decide what kind of message you want to convey to the next visitor to the fridge, even if it's just yourself.

Fridge suitable for magnetic letters ?

Yes, good point. Not all refrigerators, or rather their doors, are magnetic. New models are sometimes made of plastic, some even made of wood. Even with the best will in the world, there is no magnet attached to it. So keep your eyes peeled when buying a refrigerator, only those with a magnetic door, mostly made of metal or stainless steel, are really suitable 😳

To be honest, we don't know that much about refrigerators for magnetic letters . But even more so with magnetic letters for refrigerators! Talk to us if you have any doubts whether your refrigerator is suitable, in the worst-case scenario the letters also look wonderfully good on magnetic walls, boards or other magnetic elements.

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