Magnetic letters made of wood or foam rubber

Magnetbuchstaben aus Holz oder Moosgummi

Some only say wooden toys come into our house, regardless of the material - the main thing is that the others say a lot about them - and in between there are, besides those with no opinion, those who think and act more pragmatically. We also belong to the latter magnetic letters fans.

The advantage of wood is obvious, it is a natural material and therefore very easy to understand emotionally, a raw material from the very beginning, lasts for the next generation and looks timeless. Foam rubber, on the other hand, is a plastic foam made from petroleum. Doesn't sound so great at first, but it's basically a natural raw material.

Magnetic letters made of wood

Sure, wood grows on trees and, as is well known, they only grow very slowly. Therefore a more expensive matter is the material. Most of the time you can only buy a few magnetic letters made of wood, which in turn means that the best long words cannot be written. Let alone a whole sentence! Sure, if your name is Ida or Kai, only 3 letters are enough.

Magnetic letters made of foam rubber

Red, green, yellow, pink, onion .. OK! #Everythingispossible - magnetic letters made of foam rubber can internalize any color in the world. And a colorful world is a beautiful world! Foam rubber is light, which is a real advantage, especially for small hands, when you want to carry a lot of letters at once - and which child doesn't want that?

Foam rubber is not that expensive and therefore you can make a lot of magnetic letters out of foam rubber without much effort. With more letters you can write more words than you would like and if a letter crashes, then it is not broken, because foam rubber does not break. Never.

We really don't want to get philosophical. We also don't want you to throw your good intentions overboard - we want you to do exactly your thing - and it doesn't really matter whether you choose magnetic letters made of foam rubber or wood. Mainly magnetic letters. ; )

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