You surely ask yourself now and then how we actually use our magnetic letters bestseller GENIUS GREEN have come, right?

First of all, green is our favorite color. Here we have the most important argument. And then the color green is associated with renewal, growth and hope, and it suits us too. And green often represents both a lack of experience and a need for growth. Hmm .. looks familiar to us .. But green also stands for new things and rebirth, which of course sums up the topic of magnetic letters 2.0 - the reinvention of classic magnetic letters.

The question is which of these millions of shades of green is the right one for a first-class magnetic letter set ? Do you prefer frog, mother-of-pearl or olive green? Back then in winter we asked our neighbor over a mulled wine and compared her recommendation with our color fan: It fell like water from the shed. Green is Awesome! But don't worry, we have a few ideas for other shades of green ..

And now come on and say: how do you like our genius green?

Speaking of which: Too much green can lead to you becoming peaceful, lazy, slow, moody, depressed or even .. watch out .. lethargic. So always spice up green with a little yellow! ; )

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