Are you still looking for a suitable Christmas present for your beloved niece, the lively grandson or for your sister who loves decoration? Our magnetic letters look great on every magnetic board but also under the Christmas tree;)

For the little ones, the magnetic letters are a double hit: firstly because they can be used as toys but of course because they are also "valuable" from an educational point of view. Our free learn alphabet template or the learn numbers template or the learn time template can be ordered with it, or you can print it out yourself and you have a great one Gift.

But magnetic letters or magnetic boards are also a great gift for adults who have remained young and decoration nerds. This brings a little more color into the living room or bedroom. And then you can also think of a few Christmas sayings ..

Until December 20th, if you enter the discount code MERRY21 when paying in our webshop, you will receive a set of magnetic letters of your choice for every magnetic board free of charge to! So you get twice the joy ...

Merry Christmas!

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