Are you still looking for a suitable present for your sweet niece, the cheeky cousin or for your little sister? We have an idea: Our magnetic letters look great on every magnetic board but also as a birthday present or for school enrollment. ;)

For the little ones, the magnetic letters are a double stroke of luck: on the one hand because they can be used as toys and also because the letters learn about the ABC in the category " pedagogically valuable ”. You can order the free ABC learning template or the time learning template or the learning numbers template at the same time (or simply print it out yourself) and you have it a gift that will make your eyes sparkle.

The magnetic letters are made of soft foam rubber with a strong magnetic plate and stick to all metallic or magnetic surfaces - ideally suited to leave your own name anywhere.

If you enter the special code HAPPY21 when paying in our webshop, you will receive a set of monochrome magnetic letters (worth 22, 90 €) of your choice for free! If you don't get twice as happy ... Happy Birthday!

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