Thank you thank you thank you! How awesome that you chose magnetic letters from our company (sounds noble, doesn't it?) ..

And it really doesn't matter whether the letters will soon beautify your beautiful apartment as a decorative object, whether it is a gift for your neighbor, your best friend or a secret admirer - that remains your little secret. We treat the order of your magnetic letters as if it were our own:

We check every magnetic letter set from the inside and outside for defects, check whether the color is correct, the letters harmonize with the numbers and all special characters are in their place.

Then we stick an individual OH sticker on the robust and, by the way, resealable bag. With this seal of quality you know that joy is guaranteed, because human errors are excluded with us.

Fun aside, we are not a factory, but a small family business and we really do everything to make you and you and you and and and completely satisfied. Every day. Forever. Peace!

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