Yesterday olive-green, today rose-champagne, tomorrow Okkergold. Color moods change in a rhythm similar to like changing seasons. Basically, your personal favorite colors give you a lot of pleasure for a lifetime, but with just a few small color accents you can easily freshen up the overall picture . For example, we love to constantly reinvent our atelier, rearrange, expand the big picture with small details and thus find ourselves in a fresh, inspiring environment again and again - we are ready for change.

Trends are fast-moving and also a bit interchangeable - but just as quickly and easily you can exchange the appropriate sayings on a magnetic board or add a new color to the magnetic letters to your collection. Where there was a pink greeting, the next moment there is a squeaky yellow piece of wisdom, where yesterday there was a heated message, there is a moving meme tomorrow.

Change begins in the head and can be easily implemented with colorful magnetic letters . You don't need a new car or the umpteenth sweatpants, a small blob of a previously unknown color changes the look of your surroundings in an instant.

The one who lives change is stylish!

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