Learning the alphabet or just learning individual letters for the first time is an important component in the process of learning to read. You cannot read words without knowing the individual letters. All of us noticed that in kindergarten at the latest. But step by step: First the little ones are introduced to the world of letters and later they learn to read or even write the individual letters.

> DOWNLOAD ALPHABET LEARNING ( Template for printing)

Alphabet lernen Vorlage kostenlos Download

From magnetic letter to alphabet

Even in kindergarten, the little ones want to learn individual letters of the alphabet in order to be able to write their own name. It usually happens somewhere around the age of four or five when it becomes exciting to discover what could be hidden behind all these unknown characters. The important thing is: The more often children are read, the more likely they are to arouse their curiosity and question the meaning of individual letters or words.

Magnetic letters and pictures

And now it comes: Children learn faster and more effectively if they memorize a picture of certain letters or words! Well that's a good thing, because together with our friend Zhanna, who is also a talented illustrator, we designed a suitable template for learning the alphabet for our magnetic boards. One animal per letter, so you learn the alphabet very quickly.

Free Learn Alphabet Template

You can of course download our alphabet learning template as a PDF for free. You can print them out as often as you want, hang them on the wall, give them to your children to play with and also give them to friends of your children’s friends. The sooner the little ones learn the alphabet the better !!

Have fun with it!

> DOWNLOAD ALPHABET LEARNING ( Template for printing)

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