Do you actually know how many shades of blue there are? Probably since fiftyshadesofgrey we all know that there is more than just black and white. But that doesn't make choosing the right shade of blue any easier for us. Also what does "right" mean? Who decides what is right and what is wrong. Is the blue that you see the same blue that I see? Is blue a state or a color? Or both?

It takes a lot of time until we agree on a question. There is a lot of discussion, different opinions are obtained from friends, colleagues and family members of all ages, there is shop talk and sometimes philosophizing. In theory, the color blue is one thing, it becomes more complicated to apply the color to the foam rubber, as each blue has a different effect on the various materials! We communicate with color fans and color tables in order to obtain regular and constant color tones in different production phases. Our BALI-BLAU is always the same and cannot be confused with the MEGA-MINT !

By the way, nobody does blue here. The term "blue making" probably comes from the Middle Ages - the phrase can be derived from blue Monday. The blue Monday was the Monday before Ash Wednesday, named after the color of the altar hangings in the churches. The tradesmen later adopted the term for the work-free Monday: “doing a blue Monday” was a synonym for “not working” or “staying away from work”.

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