10 sayings for Easter

10 Sprüche für Ostern | TYPE OH

We love Easter, above all because of the sayings for Easter, joking aside, of course because of the huge amount of chocolate that we can snack on before lunch regardless of loss ... and also because Easter is the energetic beginning of It is spring, the buds are freaking out and we are in a damn good mood, we are already looking forward to the summer and after the cold winter we can decorate the house nicely again ...

There should of course be a few sayings for Easter on the meme board. In addition to the brightly painted eggs, the sumptuous brunch and the flower vases full of palm fronds, you can also greet your guests with a saying to the east. That puts you in a good mood, guaranteed!

Here are our 10 sayings for Easter

    1. For me it's Easter every day - I'm always looking for something!

    2. Some of them don't need to look at Easter - they just don't have any eggs.

    3. Fortunately, there is no Easter song from WHAM.

    4. What's a cool bunny? A hip hopper!

    5. I know how things are going.

    6. Follow the rabbit, he's got the chocolate!

    7. To everyone who says they know how the hare goes: it hops!

    8. My name is rabbit, I don't know anything.

    9. Caution: Bunnies usually have a crooked morale!

    10. Happy Easter, you rabbits.

And another tip: Incidentally, with colorful magnetic letters every saying at Easter looks more attractive!


If you also have a suitable Easter saying up your sleeve, just write us and we will add it to the Easter Sayings list !!

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