10 sayings for cat lovers

10 Sprüche für Katzenfreunde | TYPE OH

We don't have a cat ourselves, but we love sayings for cat lovers all the more. Our neighbor, for example, has two big fat cats, they have also gotten lazy over the years, but he just loves them, what else can you say other than "cute" .. well, we use our creativity and enchant on our part with poetry that could come very close to the feelings. We don't know exactly 100%, but you can't compare chocolate that well with bratwurst ..

And then there is the prejudice that animals look more and more like their owners, we have actually never seen that before - well, once with a mastiff on the beach in Timmendorf, but that is another chapter and not for a contribution about Sayings for cat lovers. We concentrate on what we are good at: expressing passion through the sheer presence of letters. Best in sayings for cat lovers. Here we go!

the 10 best sayings for cat lovers

  1. What's better than a cat? Two cats!

  2. Even the smallest cat is a masterpiece.

  3. Dogs need a master. Cats have staff.

  4. I don't snore - I purr.

  5. Home is where my cat is.

  6. Runs smoothly - like Schmitz's cat!

  7. There is no animal for which one does so much as for the cat.

  8. Anyone who has scars has experienced something - or a cat.

  9. Cats don't lie around lazily - they beautify the room.

  10. Sooner or later you will realize that a partner is not a full replacement for a cat.

By the way: if you are also a cat lover, then you will definitely like our magnetic letters - sooooo süüüüussss ..;)

Do you also have a suitable saying for cat lovers on your pocket, then simply write to us and we will include it in the sayings for cat lovers list !!

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